Rocket 88 (whipsnap) wrote in weimarmaids,
Rocket 88

Dear Mer-ladies and -gents:

i have not been slacking off! this is what i have so far:

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doodled this up at work the other day. based on these materials i picked up at ye old second hand store.
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making Big Blue into a tube dress with straps and a drop waist.
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gathering pieces of greenish chiffon and adding it as bottom overlay to make a fin. maybe also few pieces at the top to continue the color? the peach shirt is being turned into applique seashells for over the boobies. trying for a simple, geometric design. here's to hoping.

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picked up these shoes. a little more 30s shaped than 20s, but pretty comfy. going to add an elsatic strap to make them more period and then cover them in blue/green glitter.

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this wig cost more than anything else, but was pretty worth it. it's by Lacy Wigs of New York. i believe that it is listed in the catalog under Short Finger Wave. i really recommend Lacy Wigs if you are thinking of buying a costume wig. still need to fluff it up a bit. maybe add some barrets.

i also still need a long strand of pearls and possibly more glitz-y, fringey fun. any ideas?
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