JE SUIS NAPOLEON (hinkler) wrote in weimarmaids,

slight change of plans

Okay, bitches, if you're convening at Geneva's friendly midtown home, you are to get your scantily-clad, scaly mermaid butt out of bed and arrive EARLY!

17 east 31st st, btwn 5th and Madison.We plan to leave at 8:45. Come earler--say 8?--if you want to primp.

Those of you who live stupid far away, or aren't meeting up at Geneva's, just get your butts to Coney Island by noon or so, I suppose, and we'll meet up with you?

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i'll try and get there as soon as possible, but with the time change, there is a really good chance that i won't make it to miss g's. i'll try and keep you updated.
I said it on Nicolette's post, but I'll put it here too.

The 6 stops two blocks away. At another 33rd street station same distance away is the N, R, Q, B and F. So basically, if you are comming from Grand Central or Port Authority, you shouldn't have a problem getting here.